Formal Invitations were just mailed out today (August 13, 2012) and should be arriving shortly.  Contents of the letter  are full of information regarding the reunion, where to stay and a list of those we just can't seem to find anywhere . . . and believe us, we've looked.  Return as soon as possible and if you have any questions be sure to call one of us listed below.  If you do not receive an invitation in the next week or so please call us and we'll update our mailing list and make sure you receive one! 


Sharon Carren Crimmen (650) 359-6579
Barbara Montarbo Lovelock (925) 373-0558
Bill Poulos (209) 545-1308
Lauren Hemenez Ogbourne (209) 576-1950
Connie Poulos Smith (209) 823-8957